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Provides a direct payment solution, so, your customers do not have to wait for days for their payment to be seen by the accounting software.  


The PKS-1535 allows your custmers to go to a branch location or a highly frequented location to make bill payments without the need for a teller. With the PKS-1535, your customer can make payments any time of the day or night, that get directly credited to their accounts enhancing the customer experience. 

* Bill acceptor for denominations from $1 to $100. 

* Credit card reader accepts VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express.  

* Industrial receipt printer 60mm to 82.5mm width receipt, which can be any thickness, from 60 g/m2 to 120 g/m2, for a high quality transaction receipts.

* 19 inch touchscreen, easy to read, keyboard-less interface.


Through Wall Kiosk Diagrams 2013

10 Pages of Through-Wall Dimensions, Setup, Rack Slides, Back Trays.



Same features as the indoor stand alone kiosk, constructed like an ATM for access through a wall in the building.



The same features as the through wall kiosk, designed for drive up applications. 


Kiosk Solutions Check-In Kiosk


The PKS-1351-8119 has a built-in 19 inch high resolution touchscreen. It has both Ethernet and WIFI internet access hardware built into the kiosk. It is specifically designed to support public access to Hotels, Lodging, Rental Car Agencies and other web sites, providing easy access through the web. 




Cloud administration access. Your administrators are given access to the cloud service that provides transaction and maintenance information. All transactions may be viewed and downloaded as a backup to the accounting system.


Maintenance Reporting. The cloud service provides maintenance reporting features that are setup by Paralan and/or your administrators. The kiosk screen can be viewed by the administrators to verify its functionality. If a problem occurs with one of the modules, the cloud service sends a problem report e-mail to specified support staff for resolution.


Phone Support. Provides 24/7 customer service phone support to ensure rapid problem resolution.


Next business day replacement modules at no charge. When a replacement module is needed, we ship it via FedEx P1 the next business day.


Kiosk Updates. We provide remote updates to the kiosk through the cloud service. We notify you of any software updates and upon your approval, we install the updates and verify that they are working properly at no charge. Any requested modification that is not a major functionality change is also made at no charge, for example: background screen changes, wordings on the screens, changes to accommodate updates from your provider for your accounting package, or your credit card provider.



Designed Screen Samples

Touch Screen Shot Samples - Designed by Paralan Kiosk Solutions




Standard Kiosk Brochure with Diagrams
Covers: Cloud Monitoring, Remote Repair, Standard Payment Kiosks
Adobe Acrobat document [6.3 MB]



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Video on Indoor Kiosks

Paralan Kiosk Solutions provides everything you need to have a kiosk customized for your application. The Software, Hardware, Interfacing, Installation, as well as Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance. 


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