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Paralan Kiosk Solutions provides total payment kiosk solutions for all your automated payment system requirements. 


Paralan Kiosk Solutions provides seamless integration between hardware, software and cloud services for cash payment kiosks that will give customers easy, secure payment transaction availability, and lower costs (no cash transaction fees) in providing your clients with the ability to make timely payment transactions 24 hours a day.


We provide Cloud Service (a command console to each cash payment kiosk) and all hardware and software for the payment system. Paralan Kiosk Solutions also integrates directly into your accounting software.


• Products (all made in the USA) Include: Indoor Payment Kiosks, Through-Wall Payment Kiosks, Outdoor Payment Kiosks.  Information-Display Kiosks and custom kiosk solutions.


• Many kiosk configurations are available such as: Utility Bill Payment Kiosks, Hospitality Kiosks, Information Kiosks, Ticketing Kiosks, Retail Kiosks, Health Care Kiosks, Tuition Kiosks and More.


• Paralan Corporation has over 24 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronic solutions for customers like IBM, Northrup Grumman, BP, Siemens Medical, Lockheed Martin, Alcatel, and various large and small businesses throughout the USA and other countries.


Paralan Kiosk Solutions is located at the Paralan Corporation headquarters in San Diego California.

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Video on Indoor Kiosks

Paralan Kiosk Solutions provides everything you need to have a kiosk customized for your application. The Software, Hardware, Interfacing, Installation, as well as Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance. 


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