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Paralan Corporation was founded in 1988 with the focus on hardware manufacturing, support and maintenance. Paralan Kiosk Solutions, was formed as a division of Paralan Corporation in the spring of 2010, dedicated to specifically addressing the unique requirements of businesses that have need for self service kiosks and point of sale systems. 


Paralan Kiosk Solutions selects and uses state of the art hardware modules from companies worldwide with software incorporated into a complete solution customized for the customer's needs. Paralan has expertise and experience in  designing developing and manufacturing unique, state of the art computer components enabling  Paralan Kiosk Solutions to provide modern, well thought out kiosks that use the latest in hardware and software technology. Paralan Kiosk Solutions provides a seamless manufacturing, sales and support network for payment kiosks that will give your clients easy, secure payment transaction availability, and lower your costs in providing your clients with the ability to make timely payment transactions 24 hours a day.


Paralan Kiosk Solutions is located at the Paralan Corporation headquarters in San Diego California. From the initial contact with our sales staff, through definition with our QA, hardware and software design teams, to design, production and shipping of the final product and continuing with timely maintenance support services, Paralan Kiosk Solutions provides customers with total kiosk solutions. Please contact Paralan Kiosk Solutions, and we will help you to have reliable, great looking kiosks that provide the services you have envisioned.

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Video on Indoor Kiosks

Paralan Kiosk Solutions provides everything you need to have a kiosk customized for your application. The Software, Hardware, Interfacing, Installation, as well as Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance. 


The video on the home page can also be found on Youtube at http://youtu.be/XGXtqBbR3LE

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